Obsessive Shopper

By Alycia Dalfonsi, June 20, 2018

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How I went from being

an obsessive shopper with a multitude of things that could not fit in my tiny closet to the (almost) “minimalist” I am now aspiring to be:

A few years ago you could probably catch me in every store of the mall sifting through racks of things I did not particularly need. I had this undying urge to always be buying something, like my credit card had an unlimited balance of funds. I would buy the most absurd things, thinking I would find a use for them, or I would make them into a look someday… we all know those looks have never, not to this day, transpired.

As I grew up a little and came to the realization that I would probably never become the Vogue editor my 12 year old self thought I would be, and I would probably never be invited to fashion week, or lay a foot anywhere I would need to be prepared with a new wacky outfit to grace my body each hour.

After I came to terms with these 21st century realizations, I thought that maybe I should stop buying… everything… in… sight… and start buying things I actually love.

So here is a list of things I ask myself every time I have the urge to buy something new:

1. If I go into my closet with my eyes closed and pick out a random piece, will I automatically wear it and be excited, or will I want to throw it back into the pile of clothes lying on the floor?

2. If somehow the world ended after I got dressed today, would I be sad that I didn’t go out in style and would I be regretting my last outfit on Earth in the afterlife?

3. Can I leave for a trip to Europe, maybe Paris or Rome, right now and fit in with the locals?

4. Can this piece of clothing take me from a day lounging in a field to a restaurant in the city for dinner?

5. Does this piece of clothing embody all of my girl crushes into one finely tuned piece of fabric?

6. Do I feel like an angel with an imaginary halo wearing this?

7. If I had to be part of a running-away-montage, like in Gone Girl or The End of The Fu*** World, would this be a super cool outfit to be caught on TV with as my last hoorah! to society?

The list is ever changing and every time I feel excitement spring up in me, I add something new to the list. If the thing I want does not fit the criteria above, it is officially off the market for me to purchase – or maybe I’ll think about it twice, or three times, about it. I mean, I am still working on it.

Signed with love and everlasting good outfits,


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