Psychic visit

By Gray Galloway, April 5, 2020

Read time: 2 Mins

Psychic visit Image

I step inside.

I sit quietly and listen and breathe and listen to the sound of my breath. Lying down now. Am I asleep? How long has it been? I feel my heart beating throughout my entire body. I am weighlessness, as though gravity is only pretend. My eyelids are not a part of me anymore because I can’t control them. Underneath them is colour but not like I can describe. The sound of light is indescribable too.

The left side of my body ringing. Eyes still closed but I can see. I see water. Witches. I see me, except not like now. A boy, I know him. Who is he? Nymphs by the river. A birds-eye view of a garden, but not how you could ever imagine. They don’t exist like that anymore.

Gaia opens my eyes and I am back in the room. We sit at her table with tea and she shares everything she’s learned about me.

Three significant ages, 24, 27, 31. Things about my family. My future. My purpose. She tells me I am hard to love but not for the reasons I might think. A tear falls out of my eye when she shares why. Everything makes faultless sense. I am a healer like her, and whether I choose to unlatch that is for me to decide. After living out many otherworldly lives, I am here now – learning how to be human.

Learning how to be human. I had never connected to a string of words like I did that string.

The first card Gaia drew me was almost exactly like an image I had seen in my head when I was laying on the table. A woman rising out of water. Every detail in the card.

We said goodbye and I cried in my car while writing down every word and image and feeling, before it turned murky in my brain.

I don’t think I’ll ever wholly share that hour with anyone, it’s mine.

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