By Mia Hann, November 15, 2021

Read time: 1 Min

Rupture Image

Giving everything,

receiving nothing.

Moments of joy, poisoned by truth. Things are never as they really seem.

Ruptured, dependency on things I used to fear.

Heart catching up with the brain’s logic.

You can’t escape or deny anger.

Sometimes you never get the closure you deserve.

Acknowledge the pain, before it consumes you. I acknowledge the rupture in all its glory.

Feel whatever the fuck you feel, just don’t get stuck there.

I deserve more, than what I accept.

Don’t let anyone make you feel inadequate. You’re all the things they convince you you’re not.

Their insecurities are not your own. You are you, they are them.

It’s okay to break, but you can always be repaired.

Accept the rupture – it’s only temporary.

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