By Monica Nguyen, March 4, 2019

Read time: 1 Min

Strangers Image

Do you ever go outside and see strangers and notice small nice things that you like about them?

Wow that ladies earrings are gorgeous? That girl’s eyeliner is so on point, I wonder how long it took her to do it? I love those guys shoes?

Because I do all the time, I see strangers with such nice things, whether it’s the necklace they put on or the bag they chose to style with their outfit. I see so many things I love about strangers, but I am way too shy to express my feelings about it towards them.

Please don’t be like me. I urge you to go out there and tell strangers what you like about something they may be wearing or have, start conversations with people, let people know what you’re feeling.

In the long run, you never know the happiness others feel over a small, but extremely qualitative gesture of yours.

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