Youth’s Obsession and Fear

By Tara Jenkins, May 29, 2019

Read time: 2 Mins

Youth’s Obsession and Fear Image

I’ve encountered a new-found fear now that I’m in high school: time.

Then, I realized I had found many more people with this demon glued to their back. So, the big question is: why do we fear the inevitable so much? Why does this one thing keep us up at night and make us lose our minds? Sometimes, I feel like I’m running out of time, and I haven’t got to do the things I’ve always wanted, that what I’m passionate about won’t matter in my life as an adult. Lots of my friends can’t even see themselves living past the age of 18, and sometimes I don’t think I can either. Maybe that’s why we fear time so much. We obsess over it as if we really aren’t going to live after 18. I see so many young people moving so fast with their lives and it makes me wonder if they too, fear adulthood. I realized after going through a life changing experience recently, that I’ve got so much time left to do everything I had dreamed of since I was a kid (yes that includes becoming a princess, it could happen). We all do, believe it or not. And my experience has given me a new perspective and hope that I, including everyone else my age, can make it out alive. Now, I tell my friends all the time that what you’re worried about now (a guy breaking up with you, someone saying something bad about you, this girl is copying your style) should not keep you from moving forward in the future. There is a way out of this loop of obsession, and that’s realizing that living past 18 isn’t a myth (shocking, I know), but it’s what you decide to do that determines how you’ll live when it comes.

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