That Fuzzy Feeling

By Adele Rosa, May 1, 2018

Read time: 1 Min

That Fuzzy Feeling Image

I’ve been feeling fuzzy,

In the sense that, I want to do so much, but don’t know where to start, or how.

I’ve been feeling fuzzy,

In the sense that I come off as confident in my actions, but am naive in pursuing what I wish to.

A facade that I am doing well,

But am well beneath the surface.

What is this feeling?

Why does it wake me up more than my morning coffee?

Why does it follow me on lonesome walks around crowded city streets?

I can see it in the swelling under my eyes and in the frantic fragments of a daydream.

Why does it frighten rather than excite?

Why don’t I chase it?

Why won’t I chase it?

Why do I feel defeat and beat

And the need to retreat?

Is there something wrong?

Or is the landslide in my mind overcoming the ongoing need to be perfect, or silent?

The wreckage remains, my body laying under soil and rocks,

But my soul is somewhere else.


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