The earth has sent us to our rooms

By Maisie Hyett , March 24, 2020

Read time: 2 Mins

The earth has sent us to our rooms Image

The earth has sent us to our rooms to think about what we’ve done. 

The universe is realigning itself too. And so I feel its time we realign ourselves with the universe, to see we are not just a tiny part of it all. We do not tread along this earth lightly. We are in fact powerful, even dangerous. 
So what happens when we strip the world of everything non-essential?We see changing hearts.Opening eyes.The good & the ugly of us all.

We reset. Cleanse.And the absence of our own freedom can set our selfish selves free.

Perhaps everything was pulling us apart, in order to bring us back together. Maybe back to the way things were in simpler times. Although I don’t think anything will ever quite be the same again. 

Before this, some of us were blinded by the light of our own lives & futures, and we chose not to see the dwindling light of others.My problems are no longer my own now, or just someone else’s, they are ours.

Maybe now the saturated online world will finally take us offline.And instead we’ll play old board games and charades and drink too much wine and listen more deeply to one another. We will listen to music concerts from our bedrooms and video chat our friends.We’ll make art, meditate, learn new ways of living and give time to things we “never had time for”.

And when the danger passes, we will begin to heal & think differently, and with that, we will make amends with the earth.

There are no excuses now. The outside world can no longer get in the way. We must confront ourselves, be held accountable. We’ll go to our bedrooms. Be present. Be very still. Reach inside of ourselves and release that deep breath we’ve been holding, knowing everything we have been missing is right where we left it. 

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