She Walked Into The Sun

By Jordan Novak, April 14, 2019

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She Walked Into The Sun Image

When I was just an itty bitty baby

Living in Forest Hills, in the arms of my mother,

I’d fight sleep.

I was a restless child,

Eager to be awake and alive

She’d try to lull me to rest,

Taking me on long walks to tire me out,

But nothing seemed to quell my desire to be awake

I’d always cry for more

More life, more love, more food, more people, more fun


I was a good little baby, (for the most part)

But the battle for me to stay awake almost always continued

Into the long hours of the afternoon

So she’d take me outside,

And walk me into the direction of the sun,

So that the rays hit me

Making me squint,

And then I’d fully close my eyes

And give into the lure of sleep

When I wouldn’t nap,

When I’d refuse to rest,

My mother’d simply walk into the sun

To make me fall into slumber

And it’s warm, tired rays

Always pulled me under.

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