Things People Say

By Serena Bradley, December 6, 2018

Read time: 1 Min

Things People Say Image

I wanted to talk about compliments.

Compliments are super nice. People say not to place your value in what other people say about you because it might hurt you, but when someone compliments you, it feels so nice! Like little stars stirring in your stomach.

So, I think my solution is that you choose which things people say to you to believe, you choose which things to put value in. If someone says something that makes you feel good you say… yes ! She is right. I DO look nice in my purple dress. And then u say thanks and tell someone who has a nice smile that they have a nice smile. Because vocalizing things makes a difference. And if you say something nice about someone and they believe it, then it becomes a positive truth in their life ! !

Thanks for reading.

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