Treasure Thoughts

By Arabella, March 22, 2018

Read time: 1 Min

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Everyone deserves to keep a journal

and have their thoughts cosy and safe. Here are a few of Arabella’s thoughts which she so kindly let us borrow…


I don’t like games.


Lying on the floor is SO good for you.

So is lip balm.


I can’t see a single star tonight.


I thought Lorde’s concert was going to be the start of a great summer and a massive cleanse but honestly I feel like she just dumped all her shit on me.


There is no time for you not to be in awe of me (guitar boy!) (you suck!)


My dream formal –

Long silver necklace

Navy dress

Rings rings rings so many rings (gold/red/blue/green)

Tiny makeup

I want a ribbon in my hair for no reason

And a pony to ride in on


School has taken all of my thoughts.

Every single one.



But sometimes this bubble comes with consequences.

Sometimes we say what we think they want to hear and not what they need to. With a group this tight we get annoyed. We never bitch and never tell but we do discuss. And sometimes that hurts more, finding out later. They are my closest friends but that comes with insecurities. Are they lessening them or making them worse?

I never want to know.

I love books and colours and mint slices and nail polish and even my evil cat.

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