Unchained Melody

By Lucy Elizabeth Christopher., March 16, 2023

Read time: 2 Mins

Unchained Melody Image

I want it so badly. 

I want it more than anything I’ve ever wanted. 

More than life . 

More than light. 

More than freedom. 

More than air. 

This feeling is so powerful it makes me bend into shapes I never knew I could reach. I am unbound. I am undone. I am limitless. I am love. 

Am I ok? 

It’s a compelling thing to look at. The way our bodies respond when longing for something. Pining for someone. Yearning for everything to be ok. Crying for peace. The physicality of desire is what makes us who we are. This call and response is part of the human experience. It can result in your breath being taken away. Your chest rising as you breathe harder and faster trying to catch it. The pigments of your skin can turn all shades of heat. It can remove you from your own skin allowing you to step out of your conscious mind. For me, feeling a connection this powerful should never be confined. It is undisciplined. I am free.  

To love so wildly that my hand naturally curls to be held by theirs is a  beauty to be honoured and preserved.  

When I was small, I remember being taught not to overdo it. With sugar. With television. With talking on the landline. With staying up too late. I understood there were lines not to cross in order to help me grow. To learn. To respect. To discipline my needs. Resulting in my lack of value for materialistic needs and the monetary value of what others may believe is a need. But when it comes to desire, I am completely drawn to love. Unity. Equality. The gentle skin of my lover. And being completely understood.  

Of this. There are no rules. I just can’t get enough.


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