Are we all stuck in the same dream?

By Samantha Walters, April 8, 2020

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Are we all stuck in the same dream? Image

I dream of soft hands on skin. 
I dream of salty chips on sandy beaches. 
I dream of pumping music and pumping heartbeats. 
I dream of love and laughter and light through green leaves. 
I dream of a future where I’m surrounded by those
I love, unafraid to embrace and hug. 
I dream of a time where this is a distant memory, and we’re all free once again. 
I dream of change for the better. A community driven world in place of our capitalist driven one. 
I dream of friends reuniting and lovers finding one another in the mess of many searching for someone, a touch, a kiss, a hand to hold. 
I dream of you, seeing me from afar, and running into my arms.

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