Dear Fluff

By Words by Leo, October 25, 2021

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Dear Fluff, 

I’m a huge, huge fan of what you create. And as a full-time writer, Fluff and the issues page is a great source of inspiration. So, thank you for dissolving the 3pm creative fuzzies on a regular basis. 

Recently — read: last night — I ended a relationship with a man, boy, human, who had gotten me through the last few months. Which, in addition to lockdown and chaos of the world, was a period of time straight after ending a much, much longer-term relationship.

Semantics aside, I found myself lying awake this morning, in the witching hours before dawn, romantically alone for the first time in over four years but not necessarily lonely. How? Well, because I have an unwavering belief that things just work out — not necessarily with him, we are sailing on different ships for the time being, but just in general.

Which, got me thinking: is that unflappable belief thanks to hope? Or optimism? Enter: Google. And, more specifically, — lol, I’m clearly no academic researcher. But there I found the answer:

“Simply put, the optimistic person believes that somehow — either through luck, the actions of others, or one’s own actions — that his or her future will be successful and fulfilling. The hopeful person, on the other hand, believes specifically in his or her own capability for securing a successful and fulfilling future.”

So, to balance out this rather lengthy letter which has rapidly become more like therapy than a contribution, here is my very short thoughts on optimism: 

“Optimism is leaving home without an umbrella — 

even when it’s raining.” 

Essentially, through luck, actions of others, or one’s own actions, the rain will ease, and the sun will come out. 

Thanks for listening, 

Lauren x

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