Dear Younger Jade

By Jade Ingvarson-Favretto, August 31, 2023

Read time: 2 Mins

Dear Younger Jade Image

You’ll be happy to hear I’m eating a packet of S&V chippies as I write this to you.

Firstly, please stop putting talcum powder in your hair.

Secondly, you will not believe this, but in the future you’ll be in a band with your best friends, you’ll make music overseas and perform in your dream venues. So don’t be scared of creating music with other people, you were never meant to do it alone. It is the most beautiful thing you will
ever get to share.

All the experimentation you do in school with your weird outfits, colouring in your hair with pastels and having fun with makeup until 2am will be worth it. It will give you freedom and confidence in your identity. One day you’ll be able to draw a winged eyeliner in the pitch black backseat of a moving car.

Grandma is going to give you her old vintage BMW. It’s going to break down and fail you so many times, but it will take you on the greatest adventures and end up on the cover of your EP.

No fun stories ever came from staying in, go dance with your friends and bask in the afterglow/hangover. Take the leap, because the boy you’re in love with loves you back. Be gentle with yourself, you are more beautiful than you realise and will learn to love your strong features. You will get to show young girls the power they are capable of, and how daring it is to show your vulnerability.

Keep teaching yourself to produce, you will get better!

Continue to choose humour and lightness, it is the most powerful tonic you have.

Have patience and don’t give up, all that you need is already within you.
I hope I made you proud! Enjoy the ride <3

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