Dear Younger Lauren

By Lauren Coutts , August 29, 2023

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Dear Younger Lauren Image

Dear younger Lauren,

Black skinny jeans go out of fashion.
Mascara expires.
Your hair is already straight, you don’t need to straighten it every day.
Invest in a good suitcase.
Always opt for a female dorm in a hostel rather than a mixed one.
You’ll learn to sleep on planes.
It’s okay to dress like a skater boy.
It’s okay to dress like an amish woman.
It’s okay to dress like a worm with a blazer on if that’s how you feel.
Your fashion sense changes and so does everything else
Money comes and goes.
Sleep deprivation comes and goes.
Partners come and go.
You move cities
You become a producer.
You start a band.
You fall in love.
It all works out,

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