Erika’s 2018

By Erika Geraerts, December 26, 2018

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Erika’s 2018 Image

🌧 Got asked to leave a wedding because I was wearing a white dress.

🌧 Started something I truly cared about.

🌧 Almost killed the editor of iD mag.

🌧 Invented the word ‘clippet’.

🌧 Found more people to give me more money.

🌧 Had to make an employee redundant.

🌧 Got a tonne of parking fines.

🌧 Missed my rent several times.

🌧 Held a few babies.

🌧 Held a few lambs.

🌧 Held a bunny.

🌧 Decided I want to buy a batch in NZ.

🌧 Had a children’s book published.

🌧 Bought two new pillows.

🌧 Had a lot of feelings.

🌧 Went to some more weddings. Not in a white dress.

🌧 Missed a flight.

🌧 Was told I had no feelings.

🌧 Lost two scarves. Still feeling sad about the first one.

🌧 Sent too many photo/video messages.

🌧 Asked my nana if she’d thought about dying.

🌧 Spoke at some events. And schools.

🌧 Bumped into people that I used to know.

🌧 Sold a cafe.

🌧 Started volunteering.

🌧 Ate at some really nice restaurants. Thought about my life priorities.

🌧 Attempted pottery. Failed.

🌧 Drank a lot of wine.

🌧 Meditated.

🌧 Didn’t meditate for a while.

🌧 Tried to have relationships. Couldn’t.

🌧 Sampled countless products.

🌧 Got some tattoos.

🌧 Fought with my business partner.

🌧 Cried a lot.

🌧 Didn’t know what to say a lot.

🌧 Did freelance work to pay bills.

🌧 Had a girl hand me a serviette in a bar saying that what we were doing was important.

🌧 Felt tired. Motivated. Defeated. Excited.

🌧 Got ignored by influencers.

🌧 Got ignored by beauty editors.

🌧 Lost my phone.

🌧 Was late a lot.

🌧 Missed someone I didn’t want to miss.

🌧 Ate a lot of bread and butter.

🌧 And dark chocolate.

🌧 Went to the beach to think.

🌧 Thought about money, motivation, and mindfulness. Having all three at once is hard.

🌧 Wondered why Mecca has 37 bronzers ranging from $22 to $165.

🌧 Pondered why some websites don’t have product incis.

🌧 Questioned why brands claim to be cruelty-free while their top ingredient is palm oil.

🌧 Thought about what we were doing wrong.

🌧 Forgot to think about what we were doing right.

🌧 ‘Adopted’ a 19-year-old.

🌧 Realised that while I wasn’t micro-managing, I was making myself available all the time. I was there to help when my staff knew how to help themselves.

🌧 Tried to drink more water.

🌧 Got my twin back in my life.

🌧 Did a lot of yoga.

🌧 Gave my mum dating advice.

🌧 Felt tired in a way I’ve never felt tired before.

🌧 Had more questions than answers.

🌧 How long can we hold on?

🌧 What are we willing to risk?

🌧 Learnt that no one cares.

🌧 Wore less makeup.

🌧 Read a lot of things I cared about.

🌧 Had a pretty keep cup.

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