Helen’s 2018

By Helen Edgar , January 10, 2019

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Helen’s 2018 Image

😼 Felt at home in another country.

😼 Dyed my hair brown.

😼 Frolicked in the snow.

😼 Learnt some German.

😼 Went to Italy. Twice.

😼 Went to London. Twice.

😼 Used a bread slicer. Weekly.

😼 Farted in front of my boyfriend.

😼 Rode my bike a lot.

😼 Bought a new bed.

😼 Wore a lot of black.

😼 And, cat slippers.

😼 Started doing yoga.

😼 Had a house party.

😼 Ruined a lot of tourist’s photos. On purpose.

😼 Battled with the fact cheddar isn’t a thing in Germany.

😼 Learnt how to make macrame.

😼 Was yelled at by someone.

😼 Went clubbing for 24 hours.

😼 Danced. A lot.

😼 My cat died.

😼 My dog died.

😼 Cried a lot.

😼 Cuddled my boyfriend.

😼 Went to a German doctor. It was hard.

😼 Waited in line for a club in the snow.

😼 Dressed up as an aubergine.

😼 Made friends from 11 different countries.

😼 Missed my friends back home.

😼 Swam in a lake.

😼 Read a book in a park.

😼 Bought too many plants.

😼 Felt alienated.

😼 Got a promotion.

😼 Stopped fake tanning.

😼 Drank a lot of coffee.

😼 Drank a lot of wine.

😼 Ate a lot of pizza.

😼 Matured. A bit.

😼 Saw a T-rex.

😼 Stole a disco ball. And a desk.

😼 Got gastro on my flight from Melbourne to Berlin.

😼 Played laser tag in an old bunker.

😼 Went to some festivals.

😼 Sat in a canoe at the festival and watched a disco ball spin in the woods.

😼 Fell in love with my eyebrow brush.

😼 Lost touch with painting.

😼 Did a lot of collages.

😼 Experienced bad hayfever.

😼I tched my skin so much it bled.

😼 Visited home in Melbourne. Felt exhausted.

😼 Ate a lot of raspberries.

😼 Had lots of visitors.

😼 Discovered Swedish gingerbreads.

😼 Realised Christmas is overrated.

😼 Felt homesick.

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