Erika’s 2021

By Erika Geraerts, December 31, 2021

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It feels like less happened this year, even though it was a lot.

Continued to travel inwards. There really was nowhere else to go.

Had a lot of oysters, pastries, wine, red capsicum and ginger.

Had the best fish sandwich of my life.

Got hooked on ashwaghanda gummies.

Cooked a lot more. 

Spent time with my favourite babies. 

Ate pikelets in a gutter. Chips in a gutter. Burgers in a gutter. Drank cocktails in a gutter.

Ignored my voice. Found it. Learning to let it have the microphone.

Made new friends.

Found my love for running again.

Enjoyed quiet more than ever before. 

Had a fairly insignificant birthday.

Fell apart in my friend’s arms twice. Cried so much I fell asleep. 

Anxiety manifested itself in shaking hands.

Got another significant tattoo.

Opposite day.

Wrote lots of children’s stories.

Wrote the beginning of what will one day be my book.

Found a routine I loved. Having a break from it now. Looking forward to getting back into it again. 

Learned how to do a handstand.

Found myself with a dilemma. Realised dilemmas are what I create.

Persisted through another year of business. Wondered how, why, what’s next. Realised that it’s paying off in ways I didn’t expect. 

Had conversations with people I’d only dream of.

Spent days on mattress island.

Laughed more than I ever have.

Cried more than I ever have.

Hurt and have hurt more than I ever have.

Loved more than I ever have.

Accepted myself more than I ever have.

Accepted everyone else more than I ever have.

Fell out of love. 

Fell back in love.

Found a new kind of love.

Missed an old kind of love.

Surrendered to all kinds of love. 

Let go. Hung on.

Stayed in therapy.

Much yoga. Much walking. Much wine.


Watched movies.

Love myself? We’re getting there. 

Understanding what commitment is. 

Finding and buying two kinds of big girl boots. 

Got a summer tan before summer.

Got on a plane again.

Saw many butterflies. And white feathers.

Am trusting I am on the right track.

It is a terrifying, exhilarating drive home.

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