Expect Yourself as I Expect Myself

By Lucy Christopher, November 3, 2022

Read time: 2 Mins

Expect Yourself as I Expect Myself Image

To be given life itself, is an opportunity. To take. To learn. To grow. To rebel. To revel. To unravel. To experiment. To feel. To love. It starts from the very beginning. We are gifted life. We arrive here a tiny bundle of opportunities. In bloom. In truth. In hope. In fear.

Who are we to be with all this time and space? What do they expect of me?

It is this expectation that can either kill or conquer the human experience. Killed by the wildest pressures and unrealistic expectations. Conquered by listening to the lining of our instinct and allowing the flow to just, flow. It’s hard and scary and intense and enticing. The call and response between our hopes and fears becomes the human pulse.

Opportune moments open up just like the skin of a poppy. Peeling back. Subtle. Unassuming. Calling you in. Ready to unravel you into a world of the unknown.

That sporadic lock of eye contact with a stranger. Soon to be your next lover. That smooth response in conversation. Just saying yes instead of no.

When I respond to the call I always wonder why I didn’t scream a little louder. Because as I lean into a chance I evolve in and out of myself like light dancing across the walls.

I don’t believe in coincidences. There are no coincidences. There are opportunities.
Manoeuvres that can magically twist us in a new direction. It is the divine.

I believe we can also plant the seeds ourselves. Specks of manifestation and calculation until we eventually land and pop. That email. That text sent with precision. That extra dig from within to reach the goal.

Tending to the role of the self is a soothing, gratifying experience. One they don’t teach you at school, one we are learning all the time. With each opportunity, whether gifted from the unknown or prepped like a baby, it is all about listening. Feeling. Fine tuning. And ignoring the expectations of anyone else but your self. Hear it. Feel it. Respond. And grow.

I am an opportunity for you.
I am an opportunity for me.
Expect yourself.
As I expect myself. 

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