Faulty Walnuts

By Fluff Brains, September 6, 2019

Read time: 1 Min

Faulty Walnuts Image

Welcome to the contents of your own brains.

Are brussel sprouts not just little lettuces?

Why do we only wake up with creases on our face from our pillow after a short nap but never after a full nights sleep?

Why does licking out lips make them dry?

I can’t stop cutting my hair but I wish it was long.

Why am I allergic to my cat?

Plastic shopping bags are banned, yet they are still provided to bag your fruit and veg?!?!

Lord of the fries isn’t in my Uber Eats area anymore.

Are sausage dogs ok?

Why do people use hankies?

Where do burst bubbles go?

Why do I cry when I see one shoe alone on the side walk?

What if climate change is just the world evolving to kill the human race because we are hurting and killing it, and then we die and it starts again? Smart motherfucker.

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