Gray’s 2018

Gray is looking for the big red “off” button for her tumultuous brain. It spins a lot. Even when she’s sleeping. Look, a UFO. Full of pixies.

By Gray Galloway, December 23, 2018

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🍥 Drank an apple juice on my break and said hello new year.

🍥 I made some goals.

🍥 Went back to work.

🍥 A month later I realised those goals were dumb.

🍥 Started a book 6 times before I decided what am I doing.

🍥 Read some old messages.

🍥 And then deleted them.

🍥 Deleted everything.

🍥 Started again.

🍥 Put some makeup on some faces.

🍥 Cleaned up some beach.

🍥 Rewatched every episode of Spongebob.

🍥 Decorated my nose.

🍥 Learned things about myself.

🍥 Fell some more in love with my friends.

🍥 Fell out of love with some not friends.

🍥 Waved bye bye to a special cat.

🍥 Attempted to stop being so angry.

🍥 Booked an appointment for a tattoo.

🍥 Felt bad and called my mum.

🍥 Mum yelled at me.

🍥 Cancelled the appointment.

🍥 I love my mum.

🍥 Now very glad because I only like things for 5 seconds.

🍥 Realised stuff.

🍥 Cried.

🍥 Quit a toxic job.

🍥 Quitting is good sometimes.

🍥 Got a really nice job.

🍥 New nice job says I don’t have to wear makeup if I don’t want.

🍥 I said thank you.

🍥 Skin said thank you.

🍥 Travelled a tad with my really nice job.

🍥 Met fluff!

🍥 I love fluff.

🍥 Spent too much on a pair of clogs.

🍥 Clogs turned out to be a scam.

🍥 Started writing things down.

🍥 Bought 100 bags of edamame beans.

🍥 Fell out of the brainwash.

🍥 Spent another 375 days being a virgin.

🍥 Started caring about being a virgin.

🍥 Stopped caring about being a virgin.

🍥 Oh, I went to Japan.

🍥 I’m not a hoarder anymore.

🍥 I gave everything away.

🍥 Stopped covering pimples.

🍥 Listened to the moon.

🍥 Drank so much water.

🍥 Bought a planner.

🍥 I hope I use it this time.

🍥 Cut some ties.

🍥 Tied some knots.

🍥 Made my dad moisturise.

🍥 Convinced a bug flew in my ear and all the way through to my brain.

🍥 I think it’s still there.

🍥 I think I can hear it sometimes.

🍥 Got angry at a friend.

🍥 Processed my feelings.

🍥 Was still angry.

🍥 Played the sims.

🍥 Chewed a Christmas truffle ball.

🍥 It had fruit.

🍥 Spat it back on the bag.

🍥 Moved a pair of parched snails out of the sun and watered them.

🍥 Watched them slither away.

🍥 Still want to quit everything and be a drummer.

🍥 Have never played the drums.

🍥 Unsuccessfully attempted to astral project.

🍥 Watched cartoons for some advice.

🍥 Appreciated the earth some more.

🍥 Made new friends.

🍥 Missed some people lots and lots.

🍥 No plastic water bottles.

🍥 I fell asleep in a food court.

🍥 Got yelled at by a stranger.

🍥 Actually two.

🍥 Answered many questions to which my answer was ignored.

🍥 Became a witch.

🍥 Picked a flower and watched it die on my windowsill.

🍥 When did the Grinch become so relatable?

🍥 Bug flew back out my ear.

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