Honestly It Felt Like 5 Seperate Years And Lifetimes.

By Jasmine Cross , December 20, 2019

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Honestly It Felt Like 5 Seperate Years And Lifetimes. Image

🐰 Threw a lot of house parties
🐰 Threw up a lot at my parties
🐰 Gave up on wearing a bra
🐰 Felt extremely sad
🐰 Dyed my hair red
🐰 Got my septum pierced
🐰 Got back with an ex
🐰 Got a pet mouse and called him Weasley
🐰 Went to work a lot and met lots of different dogs
🐰 Dyed my hair blue/green
🐰 My dog killed my pet mouse
🐰 Threw some more house parties
🐰 Met a lot of different people
🐰 Questioned my own thoughts a lot
🐰 Broke up with an ex
🐰 Took out my septum piercing
🐰 Lived on instant coffee and Mi Goreng
🐰 Turned 20 and went out to celebrate
🐰 Drove around with loud music
🐰 Watched Cinderella more than 3x each day
🐰 Sat on my bed with loud music
🐰 Sat on my roof with loud music
🐰 Hung out with my friends every night
🐰 Felt sick and sad a lot
🐰 Took a pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant
🐰 Started eating healthier and taking care of myself
🐰 Moved back home with my parents
🐰 Had a meltdown
🐰 Had acceptance that I was to become a single mum
🐰 Had to give my dog away to a loving family
🐰 Found out I was having a boy! Yay!
🐰 Escaped all the toxic people and things in my life
🐰 Went to Cairns and went snorkeling whilst 20 weeks pregnant
🐰 Got super sunburnt!!
🐰 Got asked to be a maid of honour
🐰 Spent lots of weeks growing my baby and being super healthy and happy and thriving
🐰 Fell back in love with my self and learnt to appreciate every piece of my body and mind
🐰 Set up the cutest nursery
🐰 Saw my sister at her wedding dress fitting, she looked perfect
🐰 Had a Peter Rabbit themed baby shower
🐰 Thought a lot about how much I missed my dog
🐰 Got tiktok and went viral
🐰 Went into labour on a Saturday and had my baby on a Sunday night
🐰 Laid in bed bonding with my baby and didn’t go outside for a week
🐰 Lost my tiktok fame
🐰 Bought a whole new wardrobe of clothes and felt like a new person
🐰 Realised all I need is family
🐰 Helped my sister plan her wedding
🐰 Stayed at home a lot and watched movies
🐰 Went for a lot of walks to get coffee
🐰 Took photo after photo
🐰 Caught up with a lot of old friends and renewed a lot of friendships
🐰 Got sick
🐰 Took a week off socialising to sit at home and get better
🐰 Bought a real life Christmas tree and drove home with it tied to my roof
🐰 Felt creative again and started painting
🐰 Drank my favourite beer
🐰 Couldn’t think of anything better than spending Christmas and New Year with my family

To sum it all up, in January 2019 my mum told me a million times that this would be my year, and as always she was right.
I became a better, selfless, healthier, loving, kinder and more caring person and I gave birth to my best friend amongst it all.

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