My Heart Feels Nice

By Coco Sims, December 21, 2019

Read time: 2 Mins

My Heart Feels Nice Image

Moved house twice. Painted a lot. Tattooed a lot. Made some funny vases. Skinny Dipped. Bleached my hair.

Got kittens in Bali. Made a kitten palace. They are so big now. Watched scary movies. Thought there were ghosts in my room.

Made some T-shirts.

Painted a wall.

Got a heart on my tooth. Bleached my eyebrows.

Dyed my hair a lot.

Had an exhibition.

Did some interviews.

Broke my favourite mug.

Rode bikes in the rain in Berlin. Fell over a few times.  Accidentally went to an art lecture that was in German. Stayed for an hour. Did some tattoos. Got some tattoos. Went to the Berghain. Got very sick and accepted my death in the Berghain. Didn’t die.

Saw all the art in Venice. Learnt a lot. Drank lots of coffee.

Had my Birthday in Amsterdam. Celebrated with  breakfast martini’s and waffles.

Ate waffles for dinner a few times.

Got really sick of waffles.

Cooked Nigella recipes in London with friends. Listened to good music. Danced. Spent a lot of money.

Saw all the lights in Singapore. Climbed a tree.

Tattooed in some funny places while bands played. Got a lot of ink on my face.

Started at a new studio. Had a market stall. Went to a festival. Lost a good ring. Felt very proud of my friends. Helped with some chocolate.

Hugged all the puppies is Japan. Got a new favourite mug. Made a special friend. Made lots of special friends.

Stayed up all night & saw the sunrise.

Held hands.

Made some big decisions.

Worked very hard.

Didn’t sleep very well.

Painted my nails silver today and thought about next year.

My heart feels nice.

 2019 has been fun.

Love Coco

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