How To Literally Follow Your Dreams

By Fluff Editorial, January 9, 2020

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How To Literally Follow Your Dreams Image

In the future…

We won’t just have dreams and talk about them. We’ll literally follow them. Here’s how:

I saw a kinda friend the other day – let’s call him an acquaintance. I asked him how he was and he said he’d been literally following his dreams.

He dreamt about a girl he’d met, so he Facebooked her and organised a dinner.

He dreamt about going to the Amazonian rainforest. So he booked a flight the next day.

He seemed pretty happy.

If dreams are our subconscious telling us something, shouldn’t we all be following what they’re saying? Do you think the future will be full of love and magic and money or goblins and death and not wearing your underwear to work?

Is the juice worth the squeeze? Try it, let us know how you go.

No pressure, no guarantees.

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