Pat Walker: Y/N

By Fluff Editorial, October 17, 2018

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Pat Walker: Y/N Image

Are you happy? Yes.

Magic? Yes. Emails? No. Spotify? Yes. Pasta? Yes. Good luck? Yes. Less makeup? Yes. Sleeping with the blinds open? Yes.

Beanies? Yes. Ballet? Yes. Telling a truth that hurts? No. Bad luck? No. “Bless you” to strangers? Yes. Eating grapes at the supermarket? Yes. Nightmares? Yes.

Horoscopes? Yes. God? No. Sweet? Yes. Sleepovers? Yes. Dry shampoo? No. Do you spend too much time online? Yes. Do you believe in soulmates? No.

Prank calls? Yes. Disco balls? Yes. Sour? Yes. Robots? Yes. Reading the book before seeing the film? No. Drawing on things that don’t belong to you? Yes.

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