It’s All Very Telling

By Fluff Editorial, April 10, 2018

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What your saved section on Instagram lets my senses know…

Can you feel your third eye twitching? It’s thinking, of all the wrong things. You made eye contact with a bearded man. It didn’t mean anything. Stop making things up. Delay your time with more excuses, each time you make eye contact with yourself in the mirror you will grow a hair on your chin. Feeling scared will break your bad habits. Once broken you will find yourself in a body of water. You will have gills. Everything will surround you and you will move with your surroundings.

Your moon is made up of millions of fireflies. They all hold hands. Loneliness will feel incredibly heavy, at least you have the fireflies. They visit you at your favourite times of the day when your moon is “sleeping”. To keep the fireflies happy you must put your Spotify on shuffle. Listen to every song. Every note is a different brush stroke. Stormy days and stormy nights will make it difficult to see the fireflies. Paint with blue to feel them again. When the time comes don’t forget to wash the lipstick stains off of your favourite scarf.

If you fall through the cracks, you will remain safe and sound for all of your falls are cushioned. You think you’re falling, though you could be levitating. We never truly know which way we are floating through this realm. Up is down and down is up. Don’t put all of your eggs in the red basket. Not everything depends on red. Remember you are many colours.

Kisses and front row seats. Appealing. Take advantage. You will enjoy yourself. The kisses will overflow though your mouth and show their true colours. Try sitting in the back row. The background is safe. Safe is not bad. You will see things for what they truly are. The darkness will require your reading glasses. Don’t strain your eyes for something that can be prevented. I see sniffles and tissues.

It does taste nice when everything is precise. Order is just as fragile as the unsteady structures you despise. Everything is made up of ants, anyway. I see the ants falling, breaking to show new things. They will piece themselves together again. Make your dinner take away. It’s nice to eat with your own cutlery. Speak less. It creates less ripples.

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