June Horoscopes

By Fluff Editorial, June 1, 2021

Read time: 2 Mins

June Horoscopes Image

It’s a waste:

Worrying about things you have no control over. And even though we know this, it doesn’t mean we don’t do this.

Every now and then we need to read something, or see something, that makes us pause and think: what do I think?

Here are some things to think about, for each star sign from the Gaia Oracle. Plus some phone backgrounds to keep you reflecting.


A hidden path is found in the marriage of spirit and matter. Head and heart must be in alignment to move forward. Spend some time letting them talk to each other.


The earth delivers you a message of love. Spend some time in nature. See how it is still. That in each moment, everything is more than fine.


Transformation, Certainty, Confidence. Move forward with ease. Trust the process.


The start of something new. A new you. Get excited to get to know you.


Move out into the world in light of doubt and fear.


Keep focused on your dream. There’s no rush.


Your dreams are revealing something to you. Insight and breakthrough. Write them down. Reflect on them each day.


Clear away obstacles, you are protected, you are being guided. Take time.


Sadness, an ending, a new beginning. The cycle of life.


Grief, Sadness, Resurrection. Move through each stage slowly and mindfully.


Healing, Creativity, Fertility. Pain is a part of it all.


Facing fear, subconscious release, healing. It has to come up to come out. But better that than in.

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