June Horoscopes

By Fluff Editorial, June 4, 2019

Read time: 2 Mins

June Horoscopes Image

To make a decision: close your eyes, spin around three times, make the decision yourself. Or listen to Fluff. 

Choose quality time over plain old time. Choose the things you’ve always wanted to choose but you’ve been far too afraid to. Like your purple sparkly tights. And eating dessert before dinner.


Worry no longer, you must always choose to wear the black shoes. They matchy match with all. Look like you know what you’re doing. Fancy. 


Choose the egg before the chicken. 
Make a decision for your future self. 


Turn your camera on and then take off the lens cap. Make it up for yourself. 


Noodles with soup. Not the dry ones. Turn your phone off on the way to work. 


Put your socks on before your pants. 
Choose to give your body what it wants. 
Choose to be a little more outspoken this month. Your thoughts are important. Eat the crumbs. 


Say no. A polite one. Don’t choose anger to make your point reach to the other side of the room. 
Don’t run away. Be interested. 


Spiderman over Batman. Go with your first thought. 


Dessert before dinner. 


Binge watch this.


If you’re always torn between Choose this one.
Go eat worms. 
This month decide you’re going to be ok. And you’re going to live this day. And the next one and the one after that. 


Go and buy this book: Choose the very first picture. 


Don’t ‘remind me tomorrow’ your computer update. Update now. 
It’s easier to stay home and keep doing what you’re doing. 
Make your bed every morning. 
Don’t ask google. Ask Fluff. 
Tell the truth. 
Get drunk on breakfast mimosas. 
Go to the art gallery. Not the cinema. 

Illustrations by Coco Sims

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