Kim’s Things of 2018

By Kim Kathleeen, January 15, 2019

Read time: 2 Mins

Kim’s Things of 2018 Image

🥐 Fireworks on the foot bridge.

🥐 Sleeping on a boat for the first time. We danced for hours. 

🥐 DIY açai bowls for breakfast on the beach.

🥐 Standing in the driveway watching the sunset.

🥐 Dancing under the stars in the pouring rain until the rain stopped and our togas were dry.

🥐 Sitting on the train x 100.

🥐 I looked at art on walls. On the floor. Dangling from a high ceiling.

🥐 We discussed art. Questioned it. Researched and wrote about it. “Fleshed it out” as they say.

🥐 Listening to friends with beautiful voices.

🥐 A long flowing dress with converse.

🥐 Throwing a whole slab of cheese off the balcony.

🥐 Dancing at the back of a warehouse to The Preatures.

🥐 Posing for a few friends. Afternoon sun and snakeskin pants.

🥐 Late night pancakes.

🥐 Big windows and clip clopping on the floor.

🥐 People looked at my art on the wall. And on their screens. 

🥐 Pulling out weeds at Nan and Pops house.

🥐 Making art.

🥐 Hating said art.

🥐 Trying again.

🥐 Sydney and Jesus and the annual life recalibration.

🥐 A big rainbow balloon in my bedroom.

🥐 Listening to Jill Orr, Francesca da Rimini and Jay Younger. 

🥐 Picnic on the grass near the river.

🥐 Making a zine.

🥐 Making another zine.

🥐 Meeting new friends. 

🥐 The first beach visit after winter.

🥐 Getting out of a creative funk. A lot of digging required.

🥐 A boring art experience and a great one during the same night.

🥐 Accidentally leaving friends on the bus. Running to catch up with them. 

🥐 Four-way Skype call. Short and chaotic.

🥐 New neighbours. And a pup.

🥐 A comprehensive discussion about a windmill. 

🥐 Board games. 

🥐 Sparkly socks and sandals.

🥐 I shared what I had with a girl on the side of the road. She gave me a hug and told me wants to become a nurse.

🥐 Back at school.

🥐 Supporting a mentor. Loud screams. Halloween.

🥐 Jacarandas.

🥐 More Jacarandas.

🥐 Photos of Jacarandas.

🥐 Songs by Queen.

🥐 Being brave and confident.

🥐 Also being a hermit and staying inside.

🥐 Hugs from Mum.

🥐 Lots of tears. Especially during the David Attenborough documentary.

🥐 So so so many croissants.

🥐 Realising how fun bowling is. 

🥐 Making art.

🥐 Kind of liking the art.

🥐 Making more.

🥐 Performing an hour long Beyonce-discography-duet after everyone went to the backyard. The harmonies were on point.

🥐 Sunburn by the pool. 

🥐 Pink skies.

🥐 Limited edition sonny angels.

🥐 A beach picnic. Ibis and seagulls. A big messy mess.

🥐 Dramatically saving all my voicemails so I can listen to them when I’m sad.

🥐 Hokey Pokey in the park with friends.

🥐 Fish and chips in the park with family.

🥐 Investing my money. 

🥐 In concert tickets.

🥐 Finally connecting the amp to the turntable.

🥐 Lots and lots of cat cuddles.

🥐 Fireworks from my bedroom window.

🥐 Remembering that I am not alone.

🥐 Remembering that I am loved.

🥐 Remembering that this love is not based on anything that I have done.

🥐 Remembering that life is good. 

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