Lily Razuki: Y/N

By Fluff Editorial, September 14, 2018

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Lily Razuki: Y/N Image

Are you scared? Yes.

Potatoes? Yes. God? Yes. Are you happy? Y/N. Do you spend too much time online? No. Paint? Yes. Purple? Yes. Applying makeup with fingers? Yes. Applying makeup without a mirror? Yes.

Ramen? Yes!!!!! Digital? No. Lip Smackers? Yes. Dancing with no music? Yes. Do you believe in soul mates? Yes. Eating grapes at the supermarket? Yes. Dry shampoo? Yes. Having your fortune read? Yes.

Cup phones? Yes. Birthday suit? No. Sydney? No. Hair cuts when you didn’t plan to get your hair cut? Yes. Prank calls? Yes. Sleepovers? Yes. Ferrets? Yes!!! Telling a truth that hurts? Yes.

Breakfast for dinner? Yes. Dinner for breakfast? No. Handwriting? Yes. Nightmares? Yes. Robots? No. Poetry? Yes. Bronzer? Not usually 😉

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