Looking Back to Look Forward But Not Forgetting Now

By Nellie Buchanan, September 5, 2019

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Looking Back to Look Forward But Not Forgetting Now Image

The year is almost over and if there’s one thing I want to compare it to, it’s the last one. Sometimes it feels like we haven’t done much, but then you look back and realise maybe you actually have, it just takes a nice list to show you how.

I went to Sorrento for a holiday with my fam.

Turned 18 and had a huge party for it.

Found out my mum got diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.

Went to a lot of parties.

Melbourne went into the finals but never got into the Grand Final.

Got a main role in my school’s production of Alice’s Wonderland.

Got the honor of being School Captain.

Did a hair & beauty course.

Got my braces off.

Made so many new friends I have never met before.

Went to the races with my dad, my bestie and her family.

Went on a trip to Japan.

Finished Year 12.

Had the best Christmas.

Went to Lorne for the Summer.

A nice list makes you feel like there’s so much more to do the next year, so long as you don’t forget: now.

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