Molly’s 2019

By Molly Rennie, December 19, 2019

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Molly’s 2019 Image

Another big year.

Broke free from an emotionally abusive relationship. Starting seeking help. Started medication.
Relied on family and friends more.
Broken hearted but free at last. Started to find myself again.

Started at Art school. Met genuine people who genuinely care.
Broadened my perspective. Learnt a lot. Grew a lot.

Flew to Venice. Saw the Biennale. Experienced art in a whole new way.
Drank a lot of wine.
Ate a lot of pasta.
Walked a lot of steps.
Didn’t want to go home.

Went home.

Got a dog. Ernest. Miniature Sausage Dog.
I love that kebab baby with all my heart.
His ears are like velvet.
He pees a lot. Not as fun.

Rewatched Parks and Recreation.
Cried because I love Leslie Knope.

Had my first art exhibition. Raging success. Huge turnout. Was full of pride.
Drank a lot to celebrate. Many a GnT.
Woke up the next day with -$35 in my account.

Sold some of my favourite art.
Curated an exhibition.

Bought 5 fish.
Named one Britney. It’s Britney Fish.
Britney died the next day.

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