Pop: Y/N

By Fluff Editorial, May 23, 2018

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Pop: Y/N Image

Do you like dogs more than cats? No.

Socks? Yes. Nail polish? No. Double Denim? Yes. Would you choose garlic over onion? Yes. Would you choose pasta over bread? Y…N…Y…N…Yes.

Coffee? Yes. Tea? Yes. Placing your knife and fork together when you finish a meal? No. Do you wear no makeup more than you wear makeup? No.

No shoes more than 500 meters from a beach? No. Nose piercings? No. Do you turn your phone off at night? No. Hugs more than kisses? Yes.

Worms? Yes. Graffiti? No. Snakes? Yes. Vegemite? Yes. Butter? Yes. Toast? Yes. Babies? Yes. Baby voices? No. Would you like $10? Yes.

Purple? No. Making out? Yes. Big Hair? Yes. Dry lips? No. Does your dog snore? No. Optimistic? Yes. Is life fair? No. Is there too much plastic? Yes.

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