8,239 photos.

By Erika Geraerts, February 7, 2024

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8,239 photos. Image

That was my camera roll for 2023.

It started with fireworks in Sydney. With a best friend and a lot of people I didn’t care about. It was nice to realise I don’t have to care about a lot of people. It wasn’t nice to realise I was running away from a lonely city.

Maybe we’re all running from something, at some point in time, and that’s ok.

There was so much beach time.

A tarot reading, telling me to run.

A Sharman healing, telling me to paint the sand.

A healer, telling me to use my voice.

Japan, for the first time but definitely not the last time. Magic snow.

A wedding in Tassie that never happened. Food and art instead.

Much more therapy.

A family secret.

A mother who can’t let go.

A nanna who refuses to die. Is this karma, I wonder?

A new pair of glasses that my eyes didn’t need but apparently my ego did.

Several dinner parties.

More work.

Eustress, stress, and overwhelm.

Pilot’s first time bowling.

My car breaking down, twice. Where did it not want me to go?

Bali, twice. Time and hard but important conversations with a twin. Everything changed since then. 

Learning to surf.

Welcoming Sarah to the family. She always was.

Work I love, work I’m proud of.

3 pairs of fingerless gloves.

Lucy visiting. 

Creating a new space, same place.

A conversation with Samy Baby, an idea begins.

Time in Byron.

Time with Mitch & Cara. 

Time with Vivi and co.

Honesty, with friends.

Honesty, with myself.

Unexpected things: magic.

More tattoos. 

Big kid energy. 

Why not?

The gals at the beach, all of them. 

My annual rave.

Letting go of a little person. 

A long love, right now the wrong love.

Babysitting sprout.

New projects. 

Looking, feeling tired. 

Looking, feeling loved.

A little friend with gloves on a thirty degree day. 

Reminders to be curious.

My first Shabbat. 

Morning plates.

A new hat.


An art show.

A hard convo. Miscommunication.


More running.

More Sydney. 

More family. 

Burnt out. 


Back to the beach, to recharge. 

Back home, to a dinner party. Table set.

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