Elyse’s 2020

By Elyse Aparo, December 25, 2020

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Brought in the

New Year at the top of the world.

Or I decided that New York was as close as you can be to the stars.

A few of my favourite people sipped overpriced champagne, kissed at midnight and caught the subway.

Left finding a place to live until the very last minute, jumped up and down in the snow knowing we found a place that felt like home.

Paid rent in cash and carried a mattress on the bus.

Lived in a dream for a little while.

Lost a special friend and felt awful not being close to the other people hurting.

Listened to Everything by Fleetwood Mac on repeat till it hurt less.

Walked everywhere. Danced on tables. Bought tarot cards. Watched basketball. Helped 4 boys go blonde.

Got some phone calls saying it’s time to come home, seemed like no big deal. That changed quick.

Booked flights, said goodbye and packed up the last few months of our little life.

Those flights disappeared into thin air. Obviously cried. Booked another flight hours before it was set to leave, with no guarantees.

Felt relieved to be back on home soil. But a little heartbroken.

Watched the world go by for 2 weeks.

Hugged family tightly. Hugged Nonna the tightest.

Then kept watching the world go by, like everyone else in Melbourne.

Did uni online. Hated it. Loved it. Hated it.

Made it back to the little shop on Gertrude.

Finally saw friends… for what felt like 5 minutes and went back into lockdown.

Enjoyed plenty of late afternoon takeaway coffees.

Cooked and baked a lot, more than I ever have.

Celebrated some lockdown birthdays.

Felt grateful for friends and family again and again.

Got rid of my hunk of junk ‘car’.

Read some beautiful books.

Listened to a lot of Harry Styles.

Tried to stay connected.

Felt overwhelmed with uni but made it out of the deep end.

Didn’t know what to do with myself. Still don’t?

Feels like a new year has already started.

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