Mulan’s 2020

By Mulan, December 20, 2020

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Mulan’s 2020 Image


through my camera roll and missed pre-quarantine. Missed my friends. Felt like a burnout because of the pressures of social media. Met someone and felt euphoric. Tried learning French again. Listened to love songs on repeat. Got my heart broken. Listened to Lorde on repeat. Cried. Started eating cereal in the middle of the night a lot. Made the staggering realization I’ve been basing my worth on extrinsic factors. Tried learning Mandarin. Started online classes as a college freshman. Got a set of friends I profoundly confide in. Bought bunny ears and made it my personality trait. Drunk lots of yakult. Mental health skyrocketed. Tried doing watercolor, ended up with soggy paper. Got over the “bunny ears” phase. Felt a lot more comfortable with myself. Tried doing watercolor again, slowly got the hang out it. Finally discovered my art style. Laughed. Cried. Laughed more. Had movie nights with friends a lot. Felt grateful.

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